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Welcome to the Chagas Disease Registry - a registry created to improve the lives of those living with Chagas disease. This registry serves as a link between those at risk of developing Chagas disease, clinicians treating those individuals, and researchers exploring better treatment options.  As an important tool in the battle against Chagas disease, the Chagas Disease registry aims to empower patients and enhance disease research.

The primary purpose of this registry is to improve treatment access for those living with Chagas disease, as well as encourage the development of new medications and treatment options. Participation in this registry will help increase disease awareness, promote future research, and ultimately connect patients living with Chagas disease.

Each and every addition to the Chagas Disease registry is valued greatly. Please come back often to update your status, add new information, or check for any new activities. To learn more about Chagas Disease and the registry’s purpose, please visit,

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Our Mission

The mission of the Chagas Disease Foundation is to reduce the burden of Chagas disease. We do this by promoting the diagnosis, control, prevention, and treatment of Chagas disease.


What We Do

Our primary work is involved in education. By providing more information to patients, clinicians, and researchers, we can reduce the number of people living with this disease.


Did you know?
Chagas Disease is the highest impact infectious disease in the Americas – a higher burden than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.


Chagas disease is caused by chronic infection with the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi.


You can acquire Chagas disease from encounters with infected insects, contaminated food, blood transfusion, organ donation, and congenitally from mother to newborn.


There are treatments for this infection that can reduce or prevent the development of disease.