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Welcome to the Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) Patient Registry. By joining our registry and providing information about your AI experiences and symptoms you'll be assisting in the collection of much needed data on this often misunderstood endocrine disorder. This registry will also benefit the adrenal insufficient community as we connect with each other and to potential researchers and/or companies interested in developing new treatment options.

The registry will help answer those frequently asked questions we always hear but are not sure how to answer.

Questions such as:

  • How many people have adrenal insufficiency?
  • How many people with adrenal insufficiency have had an adrenal crisis?
  • Does adrenal insufficiency affect other things like weight, emotional health, and learning?
  • What are the common symptoms?
  • What types of medications are used to treat adrenal insufficiency?
  • What tests were done to confirm your diagnosis?

We hope the data collected from this registry will inspire a greater interest and understanding into the causes and effects of adrenal insufficiency which in turn lead to advancements in treatments to improve quality of life.

This registry is open to:

  • Patients or parents of children diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency
  • Patients or parents of children still seeking a diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency
  • Patients or parents of children with conditions which can or do cause adrenal insufficiency
  • Individuals who have lost an adrenal insufficient family member

Please consider helping all of those in the adrenal insufficient community by participating in this registry. We can't do it without you!

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About Us

Adrenal Insufficiency United is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to raising awareness, providing support, and enacting protocols to treat adrenal insufficiency (AI). AIU was started by a group of parents looking for ways to work together to make positive changes for their children. Adults with adrenal insufficiency, friends and other family members soon joined and together we are working to improve the lives of those with AI.


There are over 60 conditions which can cause adrenal insufficiency putting many at risk for disability and death due to adrenal crisis. By joining together we can make our voice stronger and bring more awareness to this little understood endocrine disorder.


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