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Welcome to the cureCADASIL Family Registry! CADASIL is a rare disease for which there are currently no effective therapies and no known cure. We hope that the cureCADASIL Family Registry will provide a forum for CADASIL patients and families from all over the world to share their information. With your help, this registry will make CADASIL information accessible to researchers and other participants. In the future, we hope to collaborate with the NIH Office of Rare Disease Research (ORDR) global rare disease registry, which may lead to the discovery of similar disease pathways, shared treatments, and hopefully will further accelerate rare disease research.

As registry participants, you will be able to access data summaries of other registry participants. In addition, participants may elect to receive information about opportunities to participate in research and updates from the cureCADASIL Family Registry. We hope you will register today! Envision the cure, Embrace the challenge!


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About Us

cureCADASIL Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to CADASIL patients and their families. We aim to unite patients and the medical community toward the common goal of treatments and, ultimately a cure for this rare genetic disease, by promoting Communication, Advocacy, Research, and Education. We hope you will join the registry today!