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Morgellons Global Data – Partnering with the patients.

The Morgellons Global Data Registry is the first large-scale patient registry that will create a comprehensive database of individuals from around the world with Morgellons. This confidential information can be used to further the education of patients and medical professionals and to attract researchers and pharmaceutical companies, resulting in clinical trials and improved treatment protocols. The mission is to empower patients, families and caregivers through increased knowledge and continued support.


Morgellons needs to be recognized by medical professionals around the world.  The need for more solid statistics to interest researchers is critical.  You can help achieve this goal by contributing your own data. Please share this with everyone you know who has Morgellons. Together we can make a difference!



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What can this registry do for you?


This registry gathers and collates patient data, which YOU can access. All information is de-identified, meaning no one who accesses this information will be able to see your name, date of birth or any other identifying information.


The registry allows you to connect with the larger Morgellons community by seeing how your answers and information compare to those of all other members who have answered the same questions.


This patient powered research allows you to contribute your data which will be used to determine patterns and commonality of symptoms. Clinicians, researchers and pharmaceutical companies can access this de-identified data to develop new treatments, medications and clinical trials, which are desperately needed for Morgellons patients. 


You can share this data with your own health care provider. The more participants that register by taking this survey, the better it will be for all Morgellons patients.