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Welcome to the I Have IIH Foundation Registry. By participating in this registry it will enable Researchers and Clinicians to identify and understand the definitive symptoms of IIH, and perpetuate research into medications and alternative treatments, which will help to enhance the lives of people with this condition.

The more information gathered for research into IIH, and the more information collated for that purpose for Researchers, Clinicians and Medical Professionals, the better the chance of finding more effective and less invasive treatment methods. We can make a difference by having our Registry and give you a voice.

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The I Have IIH Foundation

Everyday people affected by Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, suffer with debilitating symptoms and chronic headaches. It can affect ANYONE of ANY age, gender, body type, and ANY ethnic group. It primarily starts with an unbearable headache that never goes away, neck stiffness, balance and memory problems as well as other worrying symptoms.

Our Mission is to Advocate and Support patients with IIH, and to raise awareness. We can only do this with your help. By being a CONNECT Registry Partner, we can complete our first aim. Mission Statement