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Although vestibular (inner ear balance) disorders are not widely recognized, they are surprisingly common. However, due to lack of awareness among medical professionals and the public, vestibular disorders are difficult to diagnose. Patients often spend 3-5 years seeking a diagnosis, and it is not uncommon for a patient to see 7-9 doctors in different specialties during this process. In the meantime, the patient continues to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally, sometimes becoming incapacitated and unable to perform basic daily functions.

VEDA has launched an advocacy effort with the goal of reducing the time it takes to diagnose a vestibular disorder. WE NEED YOUR HELP! By answering our survey questions you’ll be contributing to a body of data that can be used to evaluate the barriers to diagnosis and develop a plan to address them. With your help VEDA can share the vestibular patient’s experience with the medical community. Together we can implement systemic change to raise awareness about vestibular disorders, thereby reducing diagnosis times and improving treatment effectiveness.

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Join the VEDA Community

VEDA’s mission is to inform, support and advocate for the vestibular community.

There is an urgent need to address the needs of vestibular patients for information and improvement in diagnosis and treatment. VEDA is responding to this need with three co-ordinated efforts.

  1. VEDA is building a community of vestibular patients and professionals to become dedicated activists for our cause.
  2. VEDA is developing a multi-year public awareness and advocacy program targeted to meet the needs of the vestibular community and designed to remove the barriers to vestibular diagnosis and treatment.
  3. VEDA is building mutually beneficial partnerships with other groups to enhance our community and increase our impact.

By participating in this survey, you’ll be joining the vestibular community in our campaign to reduce diagnosis times and increase treatment effectiveness for vestibular disorders. Thank you!